About Mr. Kaplan

In late 2013, I worked with my friend Sufi Mohammed, to design my own website to promote a novel I had finished writing. He inspired me to learn more about the design side of websites and having a marketing background I found this went hand in hand with what I already knew about the industry.

This lead my friend and colleague, Anthony and I working on websites together with the launch of Vamped.org, a vampire general interest news site.

Through the learning and design process, we discovered a unique niche¬†for businesses, authors, artists and clients. Companies in the website design industry seems to be famous for upselling people and offering services they don’t need. It’s kind of like when you take your car into a mechanic and they talk automotive jargon to you. As a customer you don’t know better, so unfortunately you have to usually take their word on the services you require.

Moving forward in this day and age having a responsive website is key. If anyone tells you differently they are wrong.


If you have a website already that is not responsive, we recommend updating this and if you are looking at designing a brand new site, keep this in mind.

We prefer to go about things with a different approach and keep things simple. At Mr. Kaplan don’t try to up-sell you on what you don’t need, or push fancy designs. We offer simplicity complimented by affordability, while enabling you to reach your customers or target market.

~Erin Chapman